Dear friend,

I'm so happy you're here. If you got to this page, then, either we both know each other personally, or I was recommended to you by someone in your personal network.

You are here because you are experiencing pregnancy fears and birth anxiety and maybe you are aware that I have helped over 10,000 women, just like you, to feel confident and supported in preparation for their ideal birth.

Since this is my webpage for "friends & family" and we have been already in direct or indirect contact, I am happy to offer you first preference over all other external applicants (I only have a limited number 1-on-1 midwife consultation places) when you accept this offer here today. 

Would you like me to be your personal pregnancy guide, to answer your most pressing pregnancy questions and to make sure that you have all the correct "right-for-you" info so that you can have the most healthy and relaxed pregnancy

...and to have an intro call with me for FREE??
I LOVE helping new mums-to-be, and have saved some time to speak you over the phone, to answer your most pressing pregnancy questions, so that we can make this very special time of your life, the most amazing time!

During your Consulting Session with me, we will work out your UNIQUE BIRTH PLAN, step-by-step, so you can
  • ​enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest, instead of having troubling thoughts, pregnancy fears and birth anxiety.
  • ​have all your questions answered by a professional midwife for 36+ years.
  • ​get information to decide your birth preferences (natural, cesarian, etc).
  • ​feel confident and positive excitement about this wonderful time.
  • ​how you and your birthing partner will become the perfect birthing team - knowing exactly what to and to feel supported.
ATTENTION: This call is not for eveybody! 
 You have to want your pregnancy and birth to be one of the most amazing, healthy and positive times of your life - for you, your partner and of course, your baby!
 You have to be really motivated to learn new skills and use my proven midwife techniques for improving your pregnancy experience, calming your mind & preparing your body for birth!
 You have to want to feel as empowered and supported as possible before the birth of your new baby!
Is this you? If you can relate to essentials, please click on the button below now!

I look forward to talking about your pregnancy and birth, getting to know you and helping you as much as I can. 

Talk soon,

Jutta Wohlrab
 36+ Years Professional Midwife

 Consulted 10,000+ Pre/Post Natal Women across 3 countries and 2 continents.

 Atteneded 3.000+ Births in all set-ups from home to hospital births
 Best Selling Author

 International Speaker

 NeuroLinguistics Programming Trainer
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