Would you like a personal pregnancy guide, to answer all your pregnancy & birth questions and to make sure that you have all the correct "right-for-you" information in order to have the most healthy and relaxed pregnancy

You are here because you're pregnant and perhaps experiencing more pregnancy fears and birth anxiety than you expected. I can assure you that is normal and whether this is your first or fourth pregnancy, or if you have experienced a traumatic birth, I can help you release your fears and concerns and prepare for your birth with happiness and confidence. 

Maybe you are aware that I have helped over 10,000 women, just like you, to feel confident and supported in preparation for their ideal birth.

If you have some pressing pregnancy questions that you would like to have answered, I invite you to book a free introductory consultation call with me so that you can...

  • ​enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest, instead of having troubling thoughts, pregnancy fears and birth anxiety.
  • ​have all your questions answered by a professional midwife of 36+ years.
  • ​get information to decide your birth preferences (natural, cesarian, etc).
  • ​feel confident and positive excitement about this wonderful time.
  • ​get tips on how you and your birthing partner can become the perfect birthing team - knowing exactly what to and to feel supported.
After welcoming over 3,000 babies as a professional midwife in Germany & Australia and consulting over 10,000, women, particularly expats from all over the world, during birth & pregnancy,

I have devised a proven midwife method for a calm, confident, joyful birth. 

Through the decades of observing women during pregnancy and birth, I began to discover WHY SOME WOMEN EXPERIENCED HAPPINESS & JOY during birth, while others did not. 

I discovered there are certain techniques and tricks, particularly with your body and your mind that can replace fear, worry and anxiety with confidence, happiness and calmness.
When you work with Jutta, you can feel confident & relaxed, knowing that you are making the right choices for you and your baby.
Hi, I'm Jutta, International, Professional Midwife for 36+ Years!
I have welcomed over 3,000 babies and consulted over 10,000 women during pregnancy in Germany & Australia.

I combine decades of professional midwifery expertise with highly effective coaching techniques so that this most important time of your life is a joyful time for you and your partner.

I am a NeuroLinguistic Trainer, HynoBirthing Practitioner, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Instructor, Acupuncturist.

I am a published author of “Happy Birthing Days” and International Speaker on "Positive Birth Psychology".

My mission is to accompany you on this amazing life transition, guiding you on how to have a confident, calm birth. I know you can have a Happy Birthing experience because I have helped over 3,000 women have a calm, happy birth.

I have offer a private consulting package called MAMA DELUXE, which includes:
8 x private consultation calls with me
(scheduled at your convenience, in your home & your partner can be present if you wish)

5 hours of Video Education on Birth, Body & Mind which combines my 36+ years of professional knowledge and experience
so that you
The Midwife Method: 
Pregnancy Preparation for a Confident, Calm Birth.
Midwife Wisdom 36 Years+
Theory/science/therapy on how a birth really works from 30+ years professional midwife expertise.
Love Your Birth Body
Videos of exercises and techniques to keep your body, your baby and your partner happy.
Confident, Calm Mind
Neurolinguistic Programming techniques to transform fears and birth anxiety.
Support & Community
Join the active, private community of mothers all going through the same experience as you.
What's inside the online course?
+36 years professional midwife expertise
+5 hours of video in easy-to-follow 5-10 minute tutorials:
  • gives you great confidence in your pregnancy
  • feel positive excitement about your birth (even if you have experienced a traumatic birth)
  • ​teaches you and your birthing partner how to become the perfect birthing team (now you BOTH can know exactly what to do & when to do it)
  • ​how & when to implement easy methods that effectively MINIMISE PAIN and fear
  • ​stay calm and relaxed during all stages of your pregnancy
  • ​gives you a KNOWLEDGE base and COMMUNITY of Happy Birthing Mums so you can quickly get answered
The Happy Birthing Days course is for every pregnant women from as earlier as 10-13 weeks, to the end of your pregnancy. It’s never too late to benefit from this course in your pregnancy.
How can Happy Birthing Days support you? 
+36 years professional midwife expertise
+5 hours of video in easy-to-follow 5-10 minute tutorials:
  • ​Strengthen your mind-body connection & mama intuition
  • ​Practice effective relaxation techniques
  • ​Understand the hormones of pregnancy and birth
  • Understand the physiology of labour
  • ​Learn optimal birth positions
  • How to decide your birth preferences
  • ​Learn the steps to create and communicate your unique birth plan
  • ​Release endorphins via breath work
  • Learn effective partner exercises
  • ​How to bond effectively with your partner
  • ​What birthing really fear is and how to eliminate it
  • ​How to reduce or eliminate pain
  • ​How to communicate with your baby inside you
  • ​Intimately bond with your baby
  • ​Reprogram your mind and body to having the most enjoyable childbirth and pregnancy for you
The Happy Birthing Days course is most effective, expert and practical pregnancy and birth preparation course on the international market. 

Jutta prefers to meet and understand all the women in her program, therefore the online course can ONLY be purchased after a FREE consultation with Jutta. 
ATTENTION: This consultation is not for everybody! 
 You have to want your pregnancy and birth to be one of the most amazing, healthy and positive times of your life - for you, your partner and of course, your baby!
 You have to be really motivated to learn new skills and use proven techniques that can improve your pregnancy experience, calm your mind & prepare your body for birth!
 You have to want to feel as empowered and supported as possible before the birth of your new baby!
Is this you? If you can relate to essentials, please click on the button below now!

I look forward to talking about your pregnancy and birth, getting to know you and helping you as much as I can. 

Talk soon,

Jutta Wohlrab
 36+ Years Professional Midwife

 Consulted 10,000+ Pre/Post Natal Women across 3 countries and 2 continents.

 Atteneded 3.000+ Births in all set-ups from home to hospital births
 Best Selling Author

 International Speaker

 NeuroLinguistics Programming Trainer
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